Download book code from here.

Its important to note, that the book does not ask you to write code on the target system itself, you need to use a Windows PC and an IDE.
I use Visual Studio, info on how to set up your PC and connect to your target is given in the book. There will be a few examples of Visual Studio Linux targets and for on target Code::Blocks projects but only as a guide. If you want to write on target, none of the projects are very hard to to convert to different compiler methods. All code as been produced as simply as possible for clarity rather then efficency.

There are of course a couple of important support files/libs you will need, not least of which is Bullet Physics which you can install for the PC at , and use sudo apt-get install libbullet-dev on your SBC for a binary which should be stable though sometimes a little behind the PC version

You will also need to ensure you have Visual Studio 2017, it's available free, which is a very cool thing for Microsoft to do.

Once you have installed VS2017, and run and exited it once, you will need to install VisualGDB BUT DO NOT ACTIVATE IT, unless you intend to buy it! The trial only lasts 30 days, and you have a lot of things to cover in the book. Wait until you are ready to start using it on your target machine so you can get the most use of the free trial and then decide if you want to buy it. (it really is a very useful package).

If you don't want to buy VisualGDB or just run out of time, it is perfectly possible to use Visual Studio 2017's inbuilt systems for Linux build chain. It's a little less friendly for beginners, but its not too hard to set up. After 30days of coding you should be able to adapt to it and make a decision on which build method you prefer. Some comparative VS2017 versions of projects will be available when I have time to set them up and test.

The Book lists several other libs you might need at different times, install them when you are instructed but do note that newer versions might conflict with the book code, I'll try to ensure that any conflicts are resolved as soon as I am aware of them. Use the Forums Luke!