Errors, Typos and plain old fashioned mistakes

Library changes

Not an error as such, but there were updates to the Linux OS during the course of the book being written, and no doubt updates will continue as long as the book is in use, that may mean that some libraries are no longer available or use different names. You will need to be a little creative if you discover that a library has been updated, but generally the name is going to be something similar, and a quick visit to your board makers support site will often find the problems. I will also list variations here.

GDB now updated

At the time I was using it the Rasbian version of GDB did not match the version VisualGDB was expecting, I provided a workaround in the book. The latest version of Rasbian however, now has the updated GDB and the fix is no longer needed.

Keyboard and mouse

The keyboard read system is still a cause of concern to me, it will work on most systems, but some just refuse and I am always looking for fixes. Download the latest keyboard readers from this site and if you find it still does not work after following the instrcutions in the header file, let me know what board you are using and the OS, I will try to resolve it if I am able.

American Spelling

Because the book is published by an American company, they changed a lot of my UK spelling to US versions. However as a native UK English speaker I wrote my code in UK English...most of the time! I do admit though, that I have been a little corrupted over the years and do occasionally use US spelling in code. Generally though the code is writen in UK English and the text in US English. There may be instances though when the text is referring to UK code but accidently uses US spelling, I don't think I need to list such instances here, as they should really be obvious. Trust the code!

Errors in the book text(TBA)

Page xxx I misspelled stuff