Brian Beuken (doing things not involving computers)

Over the years, it has to be said I've written a lot of games, on a lot of systems. I tended to work mainly on ports and conversions from one system to another, so my chances of a big hit were always dependant on how the source material did. But I did work on a number of big selling well reviewed games. The simple fact is though that hit or miss, big sales or not, every project was a means to pay the mortgage, and clear off the debts. Freelancing is always a hand to mouth existance but it does give a degree of freedom that I liked. Regular wages though, in a company that would last 3-5 years was always welcome.

Here's a very incomplete and out of order sample of some of the games I worked on over the years. It's saying something that I have actually forgotton exactly how many games I've done, and also all the different targets(SKU's) I ported them too. For brevity, I've only posted one of the target systems, but frequently I would do multiple versions at the same time, often without credit. I also had a strange habit when I was young of hiding my name from credits and using the name Fiz as some kind of pretentious pseudonym. It was my 3 letter arcade high score handle...yeah I remember arcades:D
I'll try to add more as I remember/come across cover images for them.

I also did quite a lot of work as a producer or PM for different companies, but adding them here would make this page pretty huge so I'll leave them out.