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Target GDB (Rasbian) - Brian Beuken - 01-21-2018

I've noted in my book, that when building on target builds, you may find that your VGDB expects a later version of  GDB to be on the target. Earlier versions can cause annoying random hangs when debugging.

The reasons for this are pretty simple, if you are using VGDB in its default ARM mode, its going to assume the latest version of GDB on the target. But Raspbian is usually slower to update than most Debian builds, so it tends to lag behind.

Recent versions of Raspbian have updated to the required versions, but its possible VGDB will update as well and the problem returns.

You can replace the version on your targets Raspbian with a more uptodate version, but the easiest thing is to do builds on the PC using the Raspbian toolchain, which will use whatever is the latest Raspbian version of GDB (its also a much faster compile/build/run cycle)