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Where to start?
Most SBC's (except Raspberry) come in multiple OS flavours and Android is very clearly a popular option. 

I don't personally like to code in Java, Androids preferred coding language,  its slow, its rather clunky in my view and it does not give me the kind of hardware control that C/C++ on Linux does.

But, if we are using VisualGDB (You need the Ultimate edition), its not incredibly hard to alter some of our projects to work on Android. 

And there is the added advantage that pretty much any machine running android is going to have access to GPU drivers. Almost all the chip makers are contributors to the Android standard so they have to release their drivers to the android project. There is a commercial benefit to them for that, but not for linux so many chip makers just don't make their drivers available to Linux, that's a pretty big deal.

I don't plan to write another book on the topic, but I will over time make some efforts to port the projects and describe how to do it. It needs a bit more setting up and a tiny dabble into Java to kick things off, but once we're working inside the NDK its usually going to be pretty much the same basic ideas, with a few differences on file and key/mouse/touch access.

There may be issues with variations in hardware though so its not a given that an android ndk project will work on all platforms (with the same android).

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