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(05-19-2024, 12:10 PM)Brian Beuken Wrote: its upsetting that your web work is not being appreciated,

It isn't necessarily a problem with web development itself, but with what it has turned into.
Want to make a simple web blog?
Now you have to learn 6 million different tools, languages, environments, systems, and package managers, because apparently just a text editor and a web server is no longer sufficient.

Game development kinda got on this path too with the raise of big engines, but there is still plenty of people willing to write from scratch.

(05-19-2024, 12:10 PM)Brian Beuken Wrote: but I am pleased you are finding the joy of game development again.

I always had actually, I just wasn't motivated enough to do much for many years.
And now I am, and apparently with a bigger brain than ever (I used to have 100 IQ when I went to NHTV, now I have 121 IQ according to a test I just took).

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