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Where are the Website files - Delay, due to stupid author
As noted in the Errata forum.

There has been a mix up over release dates, totally my fault, I was looking at the EU release date for the paperback as my deadline to get the site fully up and running, and have been busy working on my finished game examples, and cleaning and tidying up the downloadable code, planning to post it before March 22nd.

Unknown to me though the Kindle version has gone on sale in the US (and maybe EU) so there are people now working on the book.

Arghhh, thats kinda thrown me.

So for the moment I am stopping the work on the final versions, to focus on getting the tidy download code on the site.

All the code is here and working, but does need to be checked and tested on post Nov17 Rasbian, and also new and old Linux kernals as there were some major updates to many systems. There were also minor changes made to the code, over the course of the book so some of the early projects may have got added to after being written, so I need to make sure they are ok and if not, are stripped back to their base levels for you to add to. 

So I'll be adding the projects a few each day, to hopefully keep up with your need to work through the kindle version. But if you get ahead of me, let me know here and I'll try to get later files ready for you to use as you need them.

I will initially post all projects as pre Nov17 Raspbian Jessie projects, so you may find you need to use 6 potentially new lib files if you have a later version of Raspbian Stretch.
  • GLESv2_static 
  • EGL_static 
  • vchiq_arm 
  • vcos 
  • khrn_static 
  • pthread

in place of the 2 older GLESv2 and EGL  libraries used pre Nov17 

(if you just updated an old version of Raspbian, you may find you have both, but best to use the new libs)

As soon as I'm done with the check/test/uploads I will add config systems to them to give post Nov17 automatically.

Then I'll provide Ubuntu, Armbian and Debian style builds, which will not be quite as reliable as there is considerable variation in distro's for Ubuntu and Debian, but you should work that out ok.

All that said, I am expecting to get everything in place before the hardcopy of the book is released, this just upset my timetable a bit, so please hang in there and let me know if I'm screwing up, I'm happy to work with you to fix any problems.
Brian Beuken
Lecturer in Game Programming at Breda University of Applied Sciences.
Author of The Fundamentals of C/C++ Game Programming: Using Target-based Development on SBC's 


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