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What is VisualGDB?
In the simplest terms VisualGDB is a magical system that saves weeks of work, litres of sweat and probably several pints of blood loss from bleeding knuckles bashing on keyboards.

Available here

VisualGDB is a plug in for your PC based Visual Studio IDE. It handles all the connections to your target system SBC, It lets you build your code on the target (reliable but slow) or on the PC, (basically just as reliable, but 100 times faster). It keeps track of all the libraries and assets you need and makes adding new things just as easy, allows you to debug on the PC while the SBC is running its code and is just generally amazing and useful.

Its not free though, but it is pretty cheap, especially if you plan to do a lot of coding, and  indeed value those litres of sweat and weeks of work which can now be productive rather than having lots of head scratching panicked wtf moments.

Of course its also not perfect, it does have a few quirks, it can be complex if you try to use the advanced features, and it does update every year or so requiring a bit more of a relearn and a decision to buy or not buy the new version.

But if you are in any way serious about working in a professional manner and producing high quality work, this is the package you need to have.

Try it out for 30 days free (if you are using the Fundamentals book, don't start the trial till it tells you)  and see for yourself just how much time and effort it will save you.

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