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PhotoFrame - jbud70 - 03-05-2018


Great book.  I am enjoying it so far.

Where can I find the PhotoFrame project download referenced in Chapter 4?


RE: PhotoFrame - Brian Beuken - 03-05-2018

Hi Josh

The book has not been released yet, so the files are not on the system, how is it you have a copy?

I will get the files uploaded in the next day or so...

glad you are enjoying it.

RE: PhotoFrame - Brian Beuken - 03-05-2018

Oh wow. I see what happened, has it released already , so that means the US has copies.

I was setting things up to be ready for the European release...oops.

I'll get the 1st batch of files up tonight and the rest in the next few days.

Thanks for the message Josh, that may have saved my bacon.

RE: PhotoFrame - Brian Beuken - 03-05-2018

ok its on the download page now

RE: PhotoFrame - jbud70 - 03-05-2018

Yeah, I was able to purchase the Kindle version last week.

Ok, thanks.  I will give this a try when I get home.

RE: PhotoFrame - Brian Beuken - 03-05-2018

you may need to alter the libs, it was written on the older Raspbian, (part of the delay is me testing all files on the new version of Raspbian)
If you have a new Raspbian OS (after Nov 2017) use these libs in the make file description.

GLESv2_static EGL_static bcm_host pthread vchiq_arm vcos khrn_static

RE: PhotoFrame - jbud70 - 03-06-2018

That's for the solution files.  Worked great.

I looked in the downloads area but do not see Surface.h and Surface.cpp. 

Could you post those files or point me in the right direction?

RE: PhotoFrame - Brian Beuken - 03-06-2018

sure, I'll get them posted in the next 20 mins... edit Done..

RE: PhotoFrame - Brian Beuken - 03-14-2018

How are you getting on Josh?

More files are being prepared for up load this week, am I keeping up with you?

RE: PhotoFrame - jbud70 - 03-17-2018

Getting along well, thank you. 

Took a break from your book to do some reviewing in the OpenGL ES blue book. 

OpenGL is a bit rusty.