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Important notice regarding files.

The Raspberry 4 is different, book code needs adapating, see the forums!

Currently the files are being fully reviewed to include  staged versions  to mark progress points at page numbers from the book, as some readers have noted the flow is occasionally confusing and files seem missing at times, but are really intended to be worked on by the reader. I should have made that clearer and so the staged versions will allow you to see what was intended to be added.
Keep an eye out on the download page for the new projects, as they come. And also, a little later, for new non VisualGDB builds for those who don't want to pay for VisualGDB after the trial, giving you totally free development software (Visual GDB is better though...honest!)
It is very important to note that GLM and STB are expected to now be installed on your target and will not be provided in the updated files(see forums for details)

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Hit counters are sadly not as reliable as intended, I've reset the counter which was at over 2000 visitors. website counter

Scratchpad Games is the informal trading name for Game Developer, Brian Beuken. This is a work in progress site, things are (still) slowly being added and a full review of the code is in progress to make it easier to progress. Once all the content is in place and checked, one of my students has promised to help me do a "cooler" website.

Welcome to MagPi Readers who may have just started to work on the beginners C++ course., Feel free to mail me at the email address below for specific questions or help.

If you are having trouble locating the source the MagPi Tutorials, Please just check the forums!

About Brian Beuken

I've been writing Games for over 35(gulp) years, on all kinds of systems, and have over 75 projects published, some good, some bad, and a couple of bloody terrible ones, but when you are a contract coder you can't always get to pick the good titles. In that time I've built up a lot of experience which I now pass on to a new generation of coders by teaching at Breda University of Applied Sciences, IGAD program in Breda, The Netherlands, which has been my home for the last 10 happy years. By teaching new students I've found ways to get them interested and excited about coding and worked out ways to move them beyond just learning languages so thay can start to understand and enjoy, some of the more challenging aspects of game development.

In Feb/March 2018 My book, The Fundamentals of C/C++ Game Programming: Using Target-based Development on SBC’s) was released, which I hope will allow me to share some of these teaching ideas and get more new game developers interested in the nuts and bolts of game development and not rely on Engines to do all the work for them.

If you bought the book, please take the time to register on the forums, say hello, and feel free to ask for help if you need it, I will respond as quickly as I can to all questions.


Last update 10/04/2020  adding optimisation section

Transferring to a new PC so this will soon update  or else break horribly